This is the year

Week Six Update

My home made all purpose cleaner and new microfiber cloth. Also featured: The table top lawn from last week's challenge!

I realized only after I wrote this week’s challenge that after I made a bunch of homemade cleaning solution I would actually have to clean something in order to test it. I kind of forgot about that half of the equation and totally slacked off until Wednesday afternoon when I realized I was having people over on Thursday and should probably make the place presentable!

The first solution I made was an all purpose cleaner: ¼ cup of vinegar in 2 liters of water with a dash of baking soda added as per directions I found on the internet. I feel kind of dumb that I went ahead and did this in a too small container and not over the sink. Apparently the science portion of my elementary school education was lost somewhere in the last 20 years. Oops. The good news is I was able to use the ultra foaming action of baking soda to get in all the little cracks of my bathroom tiles! (I believe the scientific term for this kind of accidental discovery is,Eureka!) This mix also worked just as well as the store bought cleaner I replaced with it on pretty much everything and it left no lingering vinegar smell like I was worried it would.

I’ve also picked up a few micro-fiber clothes to replace the disposables in my cleaning kit. I’d been hearing a lot about them for quite a while and while I was skeptical I brought it up to my husband who works in a mechanics shop and instantly seconded all the praise for these clothes. Apparently they are used on everything in the shop and so he brought some home and I have to say I am totally convinced. They pick up everything and instead of just tossing them in the garbage they go to the laundry instead.

The third thing I want to tackle is the hideous carpet in my apartment. It’s old, as most cheep apartment carpet is, and it was already in need of replacement when we moved in three years ago but with a vacancy rate of .05% when you find an affordable apartment in a good neighbourhood with a working dishwasher and a balcony large enough for a small container garden you force yourself to overlook things. But I digress; the carpet in my apartment was already gross before there was a toddler living here, so you can imagine what it looks like now. There’s even carpet in the dining area. Gag. I have found a recipe for ‘heavy duty’ carpet cleaner: ¼ cup each of salt, borax, and vinegar, which is meant to be left on stubborn stains for a few hours then vacuumed away. I am trying to devise an easy way to do this to my entire home after the toddler goes to bed, but a few smaller areas may have to do.

I’ll be sharing more recipes and photos on the Face Book page on the weekend so keep an eye out. How is your ‘spring’ cleaning going this week?


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