This is the year

The sun came back out this week, as did a groundhog who supposedly said something about spring being on it’s way so I am feeling about a bit better about the tail end of winter.

My lap lawn has been planted and my son and I check it almost hourly for sprouts, nothing yet but hopefully soon. I used a small kit that included a planting medium and container, it looks as though it’s mostly some kid of vermiculite and fiber mix and I have to say I am missing the look, feel, and smell of good old earthy potting soil.

Oliver and I at the Regina Floral Convervatory (Photo credit: Rhonda Young-Pilon)

Daily nature walks have been daily and delightful, play groups and meet ups have been great and we’ve even made some new friends this week. I also remembered about a little place here in town where we had our photos taken by a friend not to long ago: The Regina Floral Conservatory is like a little slice of summer warmth in the middle of the wind-blown winter prairie and we have plans to visit on Monday.

I have also been incredibly productive without the pull of the television sucking us into the couch. I’ve started a few projects, written posts for other blogs that have been due for ages, caught up on house work, had countless fun conversations with my suddenly-articulate toddler, filled my freezer with quick and easy meals, completed mundane tasks I’d been putting off in regards to my business. I am pretty much on fire.


Comments on: "Week Five Update: Short But Sweet" (1)

  1. My thing to do is to thumb through the garden catalogues. To me its darn near like Christmas. Make my list, check it twice, compare prices, use sticky notes to flag all the the things you want to plant, edit, edit, edit, mentally plan where to put them in the garden, rearrange, look at what you did plant, on your list to try again. It really bans the winter blues. And when I’ve finally decided what I want, I order online (no paper) and recycle the catalogues or pass them onto someone who might enjoy the shopping experience, or just need to brighten their day.

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