This is the year

This is the year!

I say that every year.

I call myself a natural parent, an eco-conscious consumer, an environmentalist. I recycle, I walk and use public transportation to get around, I do my best to buy local and make mindful choices, I keep a small container garden despite the limited space my family inhabits. And yet when I do these things instead of feeling good about it I feel like a hypocrite because the fact is if everyone on the planet were to live a lifestyle just like mine, we would need nearly 4 planet earths to sustain us (link). That is just not cool.

There is an ever growing list in my head of things I could be doing to lessen my burden on the environment. I could admit that I have an addiction to paper towel and only a higher power (maybe the Internet) can help me. I could compost. I could start remembering my reusable bags when I go shopping and stop buying a coffee a day in disposable cups. I could make a better effort to mend things instead of throwing them out…. The list goes on and on and on. Then every year just before Christmas when people are remembering the past year and making plans for the next I think:

This is the year.

But a whole year seems like an awfully long time and a mile long to-do list is awfully overwhelming. So I dabble for a week or so then go back to life as usual. I am kind of flakey like that.

So what if, I said to myself one day, what if I only had to commit to things one week and one project at a time?

That just might work! I replied to myself.

And what if I got other people involved to help me stay motivated and feel more accountability? I added. Like an exercise buddy, only instead of loosing weight we could shrink our global footprints.

That’s effing brilliant! I replied to myself.

Thus the 52 Week Green Up was born. Starting in the New Year every week I will post a challenge. One small thing you can do to work towards and simpler, healthier, more Eco friendly lifestyle. At the end of each week you can either continue to work the challenge into your usual routine, or leave it in your dust. Either way I hope that you (and I!) will find that those shoulda-coulda-woulda projects we’ve been putting off are totally doable.

Who is this challenge for?

It’s for absolutely anyone and everyone who wants to have a bit of fun, meet knew lovely and enthusiastic people, and get inspired to make positive changes towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

No matter where you are now, whether you already do some things for the environment or don’t consciously do anything at all, it doesn’t matter. This challenge is for everyone and each challenge can be adjusted to meet you where you are in your journey.

Here’s what you do:

If you’re on twitter you can follow the hashtag #52wkgu to connect with me (@pocketbuddha) and others participating in the challenge. I am thinking we could get together for a monthly twitter party to talk about how things are going.

On Facebook, you can *Like* the 52 Week Green Up page. There we can all share photos, links, and other resources to encourage and inspire one another or ask for guidance and support from others in the community.

Here at the blog you can comment on this post (or email me if you prefer pocket.buddha [at!] gmail [dot!] com) and tell me what’s on your greening to-do list that keeps getting put off. You just may see it pop up as a weekly challenge later in the year. You can also sign up to get the weekly challenge via email, or add this URL to your reader.

Then all there is to do is meet each week with an open mind and a sense of adventure!

Who’s with me?


Comments on: "How The 52 Week Green UP Came To Be" (2)

  1. Great idea! We struggle with this as well. We now live in a place where we can compost, and you have to recycle everything because it’s against a bylaw to through anything recyclable in the dump…so it’s forcing us to learn and think about the things we use everyday.

    Ugh, but shopping! We are always forgetting our reusable shopping bags….and in Victoria, there are some places that don’t even offer plastic bags anymore. Having to carry $100 worth of loose groceries in my arms is karma for all those time I end up buying plastic.

    I’m excited to see where this project of yours goes!

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